Art fantasy jewelry

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Brass earrings

Brass earrings with copper detail.The earrings are made of brass. They are textured and hammered completely by hand and a small copper detail is added as an accent.The copper part is torched.Very light and chic accessory.

copper and agate necklace

The necklace has formed from copper and agate stone.It has a statement strong composition and harmony between the copper parts and the stones.With its design resembles a little bit a tribal necklace.It will make you look modern unique and special.With modern and chic look it can be warn either day or night with various wardrobe.Enjoy !

copper and agate necklace

The necklace is made of hammered and patina ted copper.On the copper piece is attached blue agate. Smaller white stones on to the chain.The necklace is easy to combine with different kinds of outfits.Very bohemian style which can be combined with eclectic outfit, or whatever you adore.Feel free to experiment!

copper and black leather bracelet cuff

Hand made leather bracelets with metal piece as a decorative element. Completely made by my two hands.The bracelet is made of one wide piece of leather.Sewn to it there is another one in different color.As a centerpiece there is a square made of copper.The copper was etched in salt solution.This process gave the beautiful turquoise patina. You can wear it every day. Length - 21 cm Width - 5 cm

Copper and brass earrings

Copper and brass earrings.The earrings are made of hammered and torched copper, achieving the vivid red, purple color.

Copper and jade earrings jade earrings

The earrings are made of pieces of copper that is been patina ted and has bluish tone on the center is little hammered and accented with removal of the patina so it accomplishes very high accent. on the hoops there are little jade stones so they are harmonious in color. Excellent for every day urban girls.

Copper and leather bracelet

Torched copper and black leather bracelet.The bracelet is made of black leather stripe .as a centerpiece there is a copper piece, which is etched in salty water and patina ted to achieve the beautiful colors.

copper and leather earrings

Handmade,long and very light to wear earrings.They will make you feel unique and special. The length of the earrings is 8 cm.

copper bracelet

Copper bracelet with amethyst stone.The bracelet in made of hammered copper with an additional circle accented with contrast Amethyst stone. Very light and discreet accessory for every day or special occasion moments.

Copper bracelet cuff / braided bracelet

Copper bracelet cuff / braided bracelet.The three pieces of which the cuff is made are hammered and patina-ted in different manner and amount so a contrast is achieved. Can be warn with modern and chic day outfits of evening and more classical wardrobe. The size of the bracelet is very small.Please contact me before purchase about the size.

Copper necklace

Copper necklace with semi precious stones.The necklace is made of copper, patina ted on the inner part.Adding the little stones-red jade and Labradorite gives it a a nice gentle touch and contrast.As a gift you receive a pair of matching earrings.

Dark Aventurine earrings

These are one of a kind handmade earrings.The earrings are very light .Easy to combine with various outfits.They are made of dark Aventurine gemstones.