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brass and agate necklace

The necklace is a statement necklace.With braided part of brass.The three pieces of which the necklace is made are patina-ted in different manner and amount so a contrast is achieved.The dragon veins pink Agate is added to make it modern and rich.On the opposite side smaller quartz stones are added as a chain.The whole piece is closed with brass wire. Can be warn with modern and chic day outfits of evening and more classical wardrobe. The length is 16 inches.

agate and copper necklace

The African agate stone embraced with copper.The stone has magnificent dark, mystique colors that are enriched by the copper.The contrast is exclusive and unique.The smaller dragon veins stones are additional moments that achieve the unusual look of the piece.Great for combinations of more exquisite and simple outfits.

Beige Sateen & Lace Rose Necklace

A unique and enchanting rose necklace with sprinkles of beads to beautify your appearance. The necklace is composed of sateen and lace rose and rosettes, adorned with beads and metal findings. Measurement: Length: 31 cm / 12.2" Width of bib (at the widest point) 10 cm / 3.9"

Blue & Gray Flower Choker

The choker features a flower set is composed of crocheted Irish roses accompanied with a fabric rosette and beads.