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agate and copper necklace

This piece of jewelry is made of copper and gemstones.It is carefully handcrafted, with much love and inspiration.The necklace is elegant and unusual.It has a unique composition and the colors of the stones make it look delicate and airily.

Agate Earrings

Agate gemstones and copper wire earrings 6 cm / 2.4" There are other agate pieces you can make a set with. Read the item's listing for more on this.

agate necklace

This piece of jewelry is unique.It is made with great love and inspiration.The copper form has red and green colors which have been made by torching the copper.The stones have their natural irresistible violet color.The color creates astonishing contrast with the copper part.The form is very elegant and it can be matched with either day or night wardrobe.

Agate stone and copper bracelet

This bracelet with the form of the copper is extended way of my reasoning when I was making graphic prints.It has an elegant and sophisticated form that is cut and than elongated by connecting it again.The copper is patina-ted and it has a variety of green blue and violet colors.The agate stone in the middle just gives the whole a new, fresh and completed look.It is great for combining with classic wardrobe or whatever you adore.


Handmade wooden alien with little antennas, painted with acrylic paint. Very easy to carry. Beautiful details made with crackle technique.

Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst earrings. Lovely oriental design. Elegant and attractive.

Black clock

Unique handmade steampunk necklace with. Pendant made from love, clock gears and epoxy resin.

Blue Crystal Ring

The ring has an enchanting appeal due to its piercing blue color and silverized wire frame