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Blue lagoon

Unique handmade steampunk necklace made from love, clock gears and epoxy resin. Diameter of pendant is 1.69 inch (43 mm).

Blue tree necklace

Blue handmade steampunk necklace with little tree, made from love, clock gear and epoxy resin.

brass and agate necklace

The necklace is a statement necklace.With braided part of brass.The three pieces of which the necklace is made are patina-ted in different manner and amount so a contrast is achieved.The dragon veins pink Agate is added to make it modern and rich.On the opposite side smaller quartz stones are added as a chain.The whole piece is closed with brass wire. Can be warn with modern and chic day outfits of evening and more classical wardrobe. The length is 16 inches.

brass and leather earrings

The earrings are made of handcrafted brass piece which is etched and patina ted to achieve the texture and color.There are subtle hues of pink and dark brass that make the relief more exciting. carefully cut and attached to the leather.It makes a contrasted and eye catching piece of jewelry. Chic wearable art. Dimensions are 4 cm x 6 cm.

brass and wood earrings

The earrings have stylized and softened triangle form with spiral forming the brass stripe .Extremely light and fantastic hot summer accessories. Dimensions are 4 cm x 4 cm.


Handmade wooden necklace, hand painted with acrylic paint. Very easy to carry :) With perfect autumn colors :) Dimensions: width - 8 cm, height 5 cm

Carnelian Ring & Earrings

This set consists of a ring and earrings. Contact me if you want to buy separate items from the set. The set is made with carnelian gemstones and silverized wire


Wooden handmade necklace, hand painted with acrylic paint. Perfect autumn jewelry with black and gold colors.