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A Ribbon Medal: Orange & Yellow - Victoriana Collection

Measurement: Ribbon Lengthwise (at the longest point) " Width (at the widest point) 3.5 cm /1.3" Length ribbon + medal: 11.5 cm / 4.5"

A Bib Necklace and Cuff #2- The Victoriana Collection

Choker Measurements: Fabric part length: 10.1 cm / 4"; width 7.5 cm / 3" Length of ribbon: 48 cm / 18.9" Cuff Measurements: Lengthwise 8 cm / 3.1 " Width (at the widest point) 6 cm / 2.4 " Ribbon length: 23 cm / 9.1" at both sides Length of ribbon:

Autumnal Necklace

Made in the softest acrylic yarn. Length: 30 cm /12" from top down. Read more in the overview section.

Ocre and Ecru Fabric & Crochet Brooch

The rose is made of a printed cotton with three beads set onto lace and tulle. The whole composition is set onto a round crochet piece. Measurement: Lengthwise 9 cm / 3.5" Width (at the widest point) 9 cm / 3.5 "

An Ecru Colorful Oya Flower Necklace

A delicate and soft ecru necklace featuring colorful oya flowers. It closes by tying at the back. The main frame is made with doubled ecru thread, while for the oya flowers I used quality DMC embroidery floss.

An Ecru Pink Crochet Necklace

A delicate and soft ecru necklace with enticing pink peacock accents. It is 13 cm at the widest point across. It closes by tying at the back. The main frame is made with doubled ecru thread, while for the pink accents I used quality DMC embroidery floss.

An Ecru and Coral Pink Oya Lariat

A delicate and soft ecru lariat sprinkled with oya flowers. It is 125 cm long so you can play with it wrapping it closely around your neck like a choker or wear it just once wrapped as a lariat. . The main frame is made with doubled ecru thread, while for the flowers I used quality DMC embroidery floss.

An Ecru and Pink Beaded Oya Necklace

A delicate and unique in design ecru necklace sprinkled with tiny, glittering beads. It has an irregular shape, spreading lacelike on one side, while curling up like vines on the other. The ties are actually tubes. You can play with it and have a different look every time you put it on. You can either tie it at the sides, let the tubes hang freely, or tie i behind, exposing the pink part to the fullest. It is 53 cm long, the tubes take up about 28 cm in length.

Crochet Bohemian Brooch

This winter brooch will color the bleak winter with its bohemian glitter. It is made of different acrylic yarns, very soft to the touch. It measures 13cm center down (from the magenta flower to the bottom circle - not including the vines) and 10 cm across (at the widest point).

Crochet Head Scarf and Warmers

The listing includes a head kerchief and warmers. The head scarf features granny squares at the front in a slightly different gray color than the main piece and continues with an attractive pattern across. It has crocheted ties. The Scarf measures: 38 cm at the widest pint and 30,5 cm center down. The warmers are comfy and measure 12.5 cm when buttoned. In length they are 12.5 cm /4.9".

Crochet Loopy Capelet

The listing is just for the capelet. Made out of different acrylic mixes of yarn and looped to gain amazing texture. Finished measurements: 7cm /18.5" in the upper part and it gradually lengthens up to 57 cm / 22.4" in the lower part. In width it measures 17 cm / 6.7". It closes with a crocheted tie.

Grey & White Chunky Scarflette

Two -toned scarflette crocheted in chunky white and grey yarn. It is edged with a sprinkled grey boucle yarn which gives that extra something to it. It closes with a big pearly button. The openings /holes in the pattern enable different buttoning options which enriches the looks of the scarflette. Measurements: the scarflette is irregularly shaped resembling a ind of a funnel. It measures 72 cm in length and 25 cm at the widest point. Narrows down to 21 cm.

Crochet Brooch: Lillian

This is Lillian. Lillian is a hopeless romantic. Buried deep into books, she dreams of a better world, a world in which everyone will help and be kind to one another. She hopes to become a writer one day.

Crochet Brooch: Olivia

Meet Olivia! She is a dreamer and an adventurer. She loves to explore the world and go on wild, exciting travels and adventures. Riding a camel in the African desert, turning the chimes in Bali or rafting on the Amazon, she has her journal and pen close by, carefully writing down her experiences.

Crochet Brooch: Scarlett

This is Scarlett. She has a high sense of fashion. Always spruced up from head to toes, charmingly flaunting the latest fashion, one would often find her in front of the mirror trying on new pieces or at her desk, drawing and designing clothes and accessories. She is going to be a fashion designer.

Crochet Brooch: Sophie

Sophie is a nature person. A bit of a tomboy really, but very kind and sweet. She loves being in the country and going on long walks through the flower strewn fields. She adores animals and wants to become a vet.
Faux Fur Collar

Mori Girl Collection