5 Interior Design Trends for 2017 We Love


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1. Greenery

Pantone’s color of the year – Greenery, set the trend for the interior design in 2017. The soft green symbolizes the desire to bring freshness in the home and emphasize closeness to nature and hence - rejuvenation and revitalization. Plants as the unique natural element are widely present in decorating the living place. 


2. Mismatched Patterns

The mismatching pattern trend that started in 2016 is having a huge swing this year too and it encompasses furniture, wallpaper, home décor and accents. What is popular? Large geometric prints showing strong lines, folk / native motifs, tapestry tiles or anything botanical.


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3. Textures

Along with the mismatched patterns there are the textures. The manipulation of textiles like pleating and folding of cottons and velvets is gaining on popularity especially in trend are velvet sofas and armchairs. Interior designers recommend layering many different type of textures, from suede, linen and wool, to mohair and cashmere.


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4. Granny Florals

Granny Florals and other vintage patterns are on the rise. Interior designers are incorporating these big vintage blooms vie wallpaper and wall décor, throw pillows, rugs and more. But the blooming blossoms are not restricted for the home exclusively. They took over the runway too.




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5. Blush tones are taking the throne off the neutrals. Powdery pink, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon and rust will be all the rage this year.


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