Add a Bohemian Touch to Your Home



If you are a boho enthusiast and would like to add a little touches of the bohemian spirit in your home, these  major elements that will turn your place a bohemian haven in no time.


Pillows immediately transform the looks of your place. They add warmth and coziness to the space and create pleasant and attractive visual appearance.


If you are feeling creative, use vintage linen / tea towels for a quick wrap up of old throw pillows or bolsters. Another great idea is to find vintage rugs or kilims and turn them into pillowcases.


Bandana Tapestries

Another simple boho infuser are the bandana tapestries which became all the craze in the boho world. 


 Rugs & Kilims


Vintage and shabby kilims give a true character to your room. They do not have to match the pillows but having something in common with them will make a unified and polished composition. Instead of buying them which could be pricey, you can always thrift them or make some yourself.

Coffee tables


Made out of wood slices, pallets or drift wood, coffee tables can give an original and unique touch to your bohemian home.


Other small touches include lamps, small decorations, decorative plates and such. 


All images taken from Pinterest