An Interview with Ani Jewelry Designs

Her first public appearance was at the Skopje Fashion Week in 2014, followed closely by the Belgrade Fashion Show partnering with the renowned  fashion designer Sekirarski

Let's find out more about the designer behind the bead masterpieces!



1.Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Anita privately and professionally?

Anita is a curious and a creative person that has a degree in Philosophy. At the time I was doing a research for my thesis I developed another interest which I’ve gotten to love more. I use my time exploring, creating and being practical.


2. What kind of jewelry does your brand include?

It includes mostly bib necklaces - they require more space and dedication of time and creativity. It also includes bracelets, earrings, brooches and appliques.



3. Your beaded necklaces are bewitchingly seducing, beautiful pieces of art. How did your love story with the beads happen?

I was working on my master degree on Aesthetic Values in Art and Beauty, and while exploring many arts I discovered the bead embroidery art… I was amazed… and after I graduated I made my first bead embroidery work. It was love at first beading!


4. What motifs appear the most in your designs, especially the beaded necklaces? Can you please share the process of creating one?

I think that the motifs I use the most are African, Native American, Nature and Nebula inspired. The beginning of the process is an idea inspired by something beautiful, then I make a drawing. I use felt or eco leather to make the back of the necklace and then I take a palette with beads as the artist would take colors and the needle becomes my painting brush.


5. Can you describe an ordinary day working on your jewelry?

An ordinary day working on my jewelry is a day when I wake up enthusiastically. I am impatient to get something done, when I have an idea. Some of my designs take more time than anyone can imagine. For example, I had an Egyptian Scarab necklace that took me 26 days sewing it. Sometimes I almost don’t sleep until I see the finished product. And when I made my first big designs I always set the alarm for the next morning to see if I had really done it. It’s a pure joy of creating. And to be more precise about the answer, I sew from morning until the other morning and I make exercise breaks to relax my back and arm. I really do enjoy the process. And in the background I always have some documentary movie or music to make myself a beautiful and a creative atmosphere.


6.What part of the process is the most enjoyable?

Is there a particular place where you like to work? Well, there are 3 stages of that process that make me happy. A new idea, the process of creating and fulfilling the idea and to witness when the customer’s eyes shine brighter than before. I love working at home in my room. It’s the most inspirational and peaceful place for me and it gives me freedom to make a total creative chaos.


7. Your plans for the future?

Having a creative store. That was my long time plan for the future. And now I think I live the future. But the next level is more success, more exposure, more joy and benefits for the time and love I invest in this art and business.



To see more of her breath-taking necklaces, visit her shop here.