Arnhem Design



Born into a gypsy lifestyle of colour and beauty, Arnhem Bickley had a unique childhood spending her early years travelling around Australia and the world with her wild parents. Moving from town to town, living in Teepees, with no electricity and only candlelight to cook by at night, Arnhem, from a young age, was inspired with a heightened sense of creativity. With no schooling until her teenage years, she began sewing clothing for her dolls at the age of four, which sparked her passion for design. Now grounded in Byron Bay with her two beautiful girls and partner, the wilderness and natural beauty of her home and surrounding areas still heavily influence her designs.

Arnhem is a celebration of striking colours oozing with summer nostalgia featuring a variety of artistic prints that bring to life dreamy collections of playfulness and easy wear cuts that burst with personality. These elegant pieces capture an effortlessly feminine style, each design having a one off feel about it to make every customer feel like an individual.

Arnhem Clothing speaks to females from all walks of life, and encapsulates the label’s true bohemian spirit and adventurous lifestyle. It has inevitably grown to become one of Byron Bay’s iconic fashion labels, with celebrity fans, and worldwide followers.