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Wood and brass earrings

Handcrafted wood /brass earrings.The earrings are handmade.The brass part is etched so a fine texture and shapes are achieved.It is fine attached in the wood rings.The earrings are very light.

wood and brass earrings

Triangle brass and wood earrings.All the parts of he earrings are carefully cut and enriched with the brass stripes which on the upper part form a triangle spiral form.Very light to wear.

Brass and wood earrings

Etched brass and wood earrings.The earrings are made of brass that is hand crafted, cut, etched with salt resolution. so a texture is achieved.The wood parts are hand cut so to form a simple composition. Very light statement earrings.

Copper and leather bracelet

Torched copper and black leather bracelet.The bracelet is made of black leather stripe .as a centerpiece there is a copper piece, which is etched in salty water and patina ted to achieve the beautiful colors.

Onyx Tree of Life Copper Bracelet

This Bracelet is a part of a larger set that consists of a necklace, and earrings. Contact me if you want to buy the set. Prices given in item description. The set is made with onyx gemstones and copper wire

White & Red Roses Necklace

A unique and enchanting rose necklace with sprinkles of beads to beautify your appearance

wood earrings

Swirl brass and wood earrings.The earrings are made of walnut completely carved and shaped by hand. The small spiral brass circles are a fine accent to the form and the color of the wood so they are light, sensual and fun to wear. Perfect for summer combinations.

Copper necklace

Copper necklace with semi precious stones.The necklace is made of copper, patina ted on the inner part.Adding the little stones-red jade and Labradorite gives it a a nice gentle touch and contrast.As a gift you receive a pair of matching earrings.

Earrings , Flowers , hand painted

Wooden panel earrings , stud earrings , abstract art ,red and black earrings