Beach Picnic Ideas


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Summers spent at the beach have a rejuvenating effect both on the body and the soul. The sun, the sea, the sand are all ingredients you mix to get a heavenly nourishing cocktail.


To make that even better is organizing a beach picnic.

Creating the setting, or the sitting if you like it, a simple but big beach towel will suffice with or without lots of pillows.




To make it a bit formal a wooden pallet or a piece of wooden plank or a wood board can come in handy.


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Food as well as drinks for the beach picnic should be light and refreshing. Think of seasonal salads, lots of fruit and some snacks.

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To roundup a beach picnic, make a camp fire  and chat the night away with some crackers and an easy wine spritz or sweeten it with a roasted marshmallow.


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7/28/2018 3:12 PM
I am so in need of a beach picnic!  The photos have transported me, at least for a moment!  Happy SITS Sharefest -- Have a great weekend!
7/29/2018 3:58 PM
Wow, these picnics are much nicer, prettier and way less sandy than our beach picnics from a cooler, LOL!