Homemade Christmas Treats


I am resharing two amazing, palate tickling recipes for homemade Christmas treats. If you were wondering what treats to make to surprise your friends and family for Christmas, think no longer for Boyana's has just offered a fantastic solution.

Hot Chocolate on a stick

  for 10 chocolate cubes

  • 200 g chocolate (i use dark, but also milk chocolate can be used)
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa
  • 5 tablespoons confectioner’s sugar
  • 10 ice-cream or lollipop sticks


Melt the chocolate in a small saucepan over a pot of simmering water. Remove from heat, add the cocoa and sugar and stir until everything is equally incorporated. If it’s too thick, put the saucepan back over the hot water and continue stirring. Be careful not to let any water come in the chocolate, because it will seize-up.

When everything is mixed well you’ll have a thick, but still pourable mixture. Pour it in the ice cube tray, put a stick in the middle of every cube and leave at room temperature to harden. When the cubes are completely cooled and hardened, remove them from the ice cube tray and keep at room temperature in a air-tight container.

When you want a cup of hot chocolate, just dip the cube in a cup of hot milk and stir until it is dissolved.

You can add spices like cinnamon or cloves to the mixture or even a pinch of hot paprika for a Mexican hot chocolate.





for a 400 ml jar:

  • 1 large quince
  • 300 ml water
  • 125 g brown sugar
  • 1 sachet vanilla sugar
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • a few strips of lemon zest
  • 4 – 5 slices of fresh ginger
  • 2 tea bags black tea (I used earl grey)

Peel and core the quince and cut it into thin slices. Put it in a pot with everything else, except the tea bags and bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a bare simmer. Add the tea bags and and let steep for 5 minutes, then remove them.

Cook the quince on low for 20 minutes, covered and then 10 more minutes uncovered, or until the slices are tender but don’t fall apart and the syrup has thickened a little. Remove the lemon zest and ginger slices.

Pour the quince slices and the syrup into a clean jar, close the lid, gently tap on the counter to release air bubbles and leave to cool to room temperature. Store in the fridge for a few weeks.



Recipes and images courtesy of Sitno Seckano.

Rustic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


In line with our Rustic Christmas Decorating we chose some fresh ideas how to use gifts of nature to wrap your gifts for Christmas.


The winter red berry bush  or mistletoe is an effective detail to add as a décor that will make gifts pop, especially if used on brown or white paper and tied with twine.  



Pinecones are the natural first choice and they have literally flooded the internet. Personally, I never grow tired of them and always mind to have a fresh supply, so our trips in the woods always end up with heavy loads of pinecones.

Here are some fabulous ideas how to use them:



Recycled paper with some greenery and "woodsy & leafy" things always catch attention and subtly point out conscious consumption and respect of nature.


All relevant links of images can be found on my board here.

Decorating for Christmas - The Rustic Lover

Via Pinterest


We are continuing the Decorating for Christmas Series. Last week it was the Traditionalist, but today we'll focus on the Rustic Lover.

The sole word "Rustic" implies the smell of wood and pines, burlap, weathered antiques and warm, soft natural textures.


Via Domestically Speaking

The rustic Christmas tree is calmer in tones embracing ornaments in natural colors - those being white, beige, brown, grey with a great amount of golden or silver sprinkles, although red as a festive color is also included.


Via AnExtraordinaryDay

Via Pinterest


Rustic decorations come from the nature. You don't need much to give your place a festive look. You need lots of pinecones, pine branches, some wood slices to hold your handles, an eye-catching arrangement of all and the magic is on.

Via Curated Interior

If you want to make a fairytale fireplace, arrange the same gifts of nature into a wooden crate, add colorful baubles and winter berries branches.  


Wonderful Rustic DIY Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Sleds


Twine Balls


Twig Ornaments

Homespun Fabric Ornaments


Gnome Ornaments


I hope you enjoyed the post!

"Bonjour Madame" Collection





Aleksandra Ivanova who creates behind the brand Sofija Filigranska has a new collection of amazing wooden necklaces.

We talked to her about the inspiration and the idea, as well as the drive to create illustrated stories:

"I make my jewelry with a great passion and love, driven by personal excitement and joy inspired feelings while I watch every single piece come to life and each necklace is dedicated to transfer all those emotions to the woman that will carry it. For this collection I played with spots in the background and minimalistically drawn flowers, fruits or cookies in the foreplan with their full growth and juiciness, or you can see a scene of the favourite ritual of tea drinking and cookie eating... The black spots on a white surface gives a possibility for combining colorful details that will be emphasized and completely harmonious when matched together. Such match-making resembled a French lady wearing a spotted dress with a colorful brooch, thus I named the collection "Bonjour Madame".

Check her shop for more illustrated stories transferred on necklaces.



Decorating for Christmas - The Traditionalist



December is inevitably associated with Christmas. What better way  to celebrate the end of the year with and mark the new beginning than Christmas. The sole word has magic in it and just by saying it one gets hilariously giddy and joyful. Especially if you are into decorating and love to get your place in shape for the holidays.

This month we've decided to go big on Christmas, focusing on decorating, gift making and gift wrapping so there will be plenty of posts to give you a tickle and get you inspired.

Understandably the roots lie in the traditions that kept themselves from the tooth of time so this first post is going to tackle decorating for Christmas as a traditionalist.



Traditional Christmas decorating focuses on simple, yet effective décor where red and green with accents of gold prevail along with lots of stylish plaid ribbons and fairy lights to create a  warm, calm and cozy atmosphere.

The Christmas tree - the everlasting bringer of joy to both young and old - is the focal point of the living room adorned with lots of decorations, baubles, ribbons and lights. Vintage baubles ,the ones inherited from your grandma will certainly make the tree more charming and give it a character.



Other décor to add to soften the living room and make it cozier are throw pillows and fluffy blankets, socks hung on the fireplace.

Hot chocolate, mint sticks and gingerbread cookies are a must and not only to give your sweet tooth a piece of heaven, but you can use them to style your coffee table.

Other simple accents to scatter around the house for a more festive look which by the way you can make yourself:

A candle into a jar with a ribbon and jute wrapped around it.


Or put that jar /glass into a tray and decorate with baubles and greenery for an eye-catching table centerpiece.


Or simply put baubles and lights into a glass vase and the sparkles will make the evening even more magical.

All images taken from Pinterest except the logoed ones.

Its Majesty - The Brooch

via The Glamourai


Brooches have ages long history. In fact the first ones appeared in the Bronze Age later becoming popular with the Romans, Greek and Celts as ornamented clasps mainly made out of bone or metal, designed to get attached on garments - often to hold them closed.

They came in many varieties and held prominent significance for the identity of the wearer, indicating ethnicity and class. During centuries they came and went out of fashion, but recently they made a magnificent comeback.


via The Glamourai


The myth that brooches are for old ladies has long been broken and abandoned. Brooches aspire to be the ultimate fashion accessory. They are becoming a unique personalization tool - they add originality to clothes and make them stand out.

via Nicole Warne


via Pinterest

They are versatile. You can wear a brooch on almost everything -from a lovely velvet evening dress to a heavy tweed coat. Millennials get inventive with the brooch and wear it on shirts and even place on belts, hats and bags.

Eva Mendes wearing gorgeous Lorraine Schwartz brooches


The materials a brooch can be made of varies to the extremes, so today you can find them made out of diamonds and precious gems as well as paper and wood. What kind would you choose?

Check out these brooches from our shops:


Ocre and Champagne brooches


Blue and Carnelian Brooches

Pink & Blue Girl Brooches


Cat  & Elephant Brooches


Paradise Bird Brooch

Classy Clay Small Christmas Collection


Gift wrapping Christmas presents is the moment I eagerly look forward to. I always pack gift in traditional Christmas colours - red and green with a sprinkle of gold to add a bit of glamour to it all. And then it occurred to me that I could use those colors for my jewelry. My first makes were the brooches that are now worn on scarves and hats, as well as jackets, sweaters and coats... I put mine on everything...

After that I made some stud earrings for the shop and some to give as gifts to my close friends and family for Christmas. 

As I was left with a heap of materials, I covered a small glass candle holder so now it throws a festive red & green light, prepping us for the holidays!

I am all ready for Christmas! How about you?


Classy Clay Jewelry

Add a Bohemian Touch to Your Home



If you are a boho enthusiast and would like to add a little touches of the bohemian spirit in your home, these  major elements that will turn your place a bohemian haven in no time.


Pillows immediately transform the looks of your place. They add warmth and coziness to the space and create pleasant and attractive visual appearance.


If you are feeling creative, use vintage linen / tea towels for a quick wrap up of old throw pillows or bolsters. Another great idea is to find vintage rugs or kilims and turn them into pillowcases.


Bandana Tapestries

Another simple boho infuser are the bandana tapestries which became all the craze in the boho world. 


 Rugs & Kilims


Vintage and shabby kilims give a true character to your room. They do not have to match the pillows but having something in common with them will make a unified and polished composition. Instead of buying them which could be pricey, you can always thrift them or make some yourself.

Coffee tables


Made out of wood slices, pallets or drift wood, coffee tables can give an original and unique touch to your bohemian home.


Other small touches include lamps, small decorations, decorative plates and such. 


All images taken from Pinterest

DIY Romantic Bead & Ribbon Necklace




With the holidays peeking on the horizon this insanely easy DIY is certainly going to be handy if you want to whip up presents for your dearest or treat yourself with a beautiful necklace.


Roll up your sleeves and gather these supplies:



This photo does not show the exact number of things you will need, because you are going to make a custom necklace, but I will give the numbers for the... let's call this - tutorial necklace.


For the tutorial necklace I used:


* 37 (9mm) beads

* 74 filigree bead caps

* 4 (10mm) rings

* 1 (3 mm) ring

* 1 big filigree cap

* 37 eye pins (I didn't have such so used ordinary head pins instead)

* 1 lobster clasp

* 1 ribbon end crimp

* velvet ribbon (23 cm in length)

(nose pliers + cutter)



Making the beads / beading it up


Take the cutter and cut the head pin take the nose pliers and make an eye (a)- if you have eye pins, skip this step. Insert the cap (b), the bead (c), the other cap (d), and make the other eye (e). When you make the next bead, insert the first one onto the pin before making the second eye (see second picture).

Bead on until you reach desired length. For the tutorial necklace I made two strands. The first was smaller - I used 17 beads while the second had 20. Attach both onto the big rings. Those are for the closure.




The ribbon is 23 cm long. Double it and pass it through a single ring you've attached the strands of beads on the bottom part.

      Finishing up


On the other side of the ribbon attach the ribbon crimp. Because I didn't want the ribbon exposed / showing at the end, I added a decorative cap over it.

Attach the small ring with lobster clasp on it and you are done!


It is as easy as it sounds, isn't it? Have fun making this!





*This tutorial was created by Maya Kuzman.

"Steampunk by Maja"- New Brand




Maja Tasic is the designer behing the brand "Steampunk by Maja". 

As the name suggests, she creates unusual and unique steampunk jewelry, employing old clockwork mechanisms into stunning pieces of jewelry. Check out her collection.






Sweater Weather

 Via ElleMilla

The first chill that slowly creeps in the early fall mornings makes us reach out for the warmth and coziness of  sweaters. And they have never been more versatile and attractive. The range is wide so there is something for everyone.


What seems to be in the rise is the chunky oversized sweater. It wards off cold and promises warm hugs and  pleasant coziness.



Via Flax & Twine


Following the shirt trends, sweaters now come in different sleeve variations, but the most popular have oversized and bell shaped sleeves.


Via Pinteresting Plans



 Via Free People


An interesting option is the so called sweater dress which was a "tunic" in the past :)


Via Luvv it



 Via Pinterest


What kind of sweaters do you like? 

Make an Unforgettable Fall Picnic


 Images via Pinterest


Autumn in all its beautiful and warm colors paints the perfect scenery for a fall picnic.

Chose a place where you will create a romantic and unforgettable day out. Take warm wooly blankets (and pillows) if you plan to sit on the ground. Fill a wicker basket with a thermos filled with your preferred drink and cups, or a bottle of white wine and glasses.

A cheese platter to tickle the palates: cheese, bread, crackers, olives and seasonal fruit (grapes, apples, walnuts), maybe marmalade or honey for those with a sweet tooth.

Spice it up with a good book and good music.


Via Hither and Thither


Via Pinterest



Tea Light Candle Holder DIY




Polymer clay is a great material because you can use it to cover glass or metal.

As I didn't have a candle holder ready at hand, I thought it would be fab if I make one myself!

If you work with polymer clay, then I guess you have everything needed for this DIY. 



* A small glass jar

* White polymer clay

* 2 other colors of polymer clay

* A metal leaf

* Rigid and flexible blades

* A cutter

* Liquid polymer clay



Take the white polymer clay and condition it well, then slip it through a pasta machine. Do the same with the other color – I chose yellow, but slip this through a narrower opening on the machine. Cut both into squares, first the white, next the yellow and put the metal leaf on top.

Repeat this step with the other color – in my case – the green polymer clay.

Now you have “a roll” that you have to cut in half and join those two halves one on top of the other. Cut the roll vertically to get strips. Use the strips to cover the jar.

The other variant is the Mokume Gane technique.

Using a flexi knife and the cutter, cut the roll but do not separate the cut parts.

Cut the roll horizontally.

Optionally you can use small different shape (cookie) cutters to make shapes through which you can see the candle light.

When the jar is all covered up, bake it at 100⁰C for about 30 minutes.

Tip: If the polymer clay is still hard and it is difficult to cover the jar, apply a little liquid polymer clay onto the jar before you apply the polymer clay.


Tutorial made by Classy CLay Jewelry. Visit her shop for OOAK jewelry. 

10 Inspiring Work Spaces


Via JoAnn


Via West Elm


Whether you have a special room as an office or just a corner transformed as such, the work space is one of the most important points if you are running a business from your home. 

Having a designated work space works wonders as you will be able to concentrate on work easily and prevent being distracted. Working in a aesthetically appealing, beautifully and inspirationally organized environment is the key to increased productivity and functionality.


We have selected 10 different work spaces to spark up some inspiration. 


                      Via                                                    Via Flickr



                            Via Design Sponge                                                  Via Vivircreativamente 

            Via Note to Sarah                                                                  Via Decorology

                  Via                                                        Via  Editorial Mooi