Carnelian Ring & Earrings

This set consists of a ring and earrings. Contact me if you want to buy separate items from the set. The set is made with carnelian gemstones and silverized wire
Shop: Tammy Art
Artist: Tammy Art

This is a lovely set of a ring and earrings. Carnelian gemstones are wrapped into a silverized wire frame.

Earrings: 3.4 cm / 1.3"

Ring size: 16



Carnelian Gemstone Meanings: Historically, Carnelians have been used as talismans to for good fortune and protection against harm. The Canelians were only worn by people of high social status and it is reputed that the Emperor Napoleon had a Carnelian. Signet rings made from Carnelian were commonly used by Romans in authority for sealing letters with wax. The Carnelian gemstone, therefore has had a long history of being associated with power and the characteristics of powerful people. Some of these qualities are:


  • An action stone – motivates people to take action to achieve career success
  • An energy booster – increase of physical strength
  • Increases sexual energy
  • Instils confidence and courage
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Protects against negative emotions – especially anger
  • Enhances sociability and emotional warmt