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Meet a designer who masterfully changes clay into amazing jewelry designs. Dear readers, meet Classy Clay Jewelry!


Boho Necklace                      Boho Earrings


1. Tell us a bit about  Classy Clay Jewelry? What  is the story behind your jewelry?

 I have always loved jewelry. When I was a child, my mother and aunt used to buy a lot of jewelry for me. As a teenager, I bought it myself. And I always had ideas swarming up, of jewelry I wished I had, so once I had a jewelry shop make a set of jewelry according to my design. When I came upon a piece of polymer clay jewelry on the internet, I knew that was the right thing for me. And that's how it all started.


2. What was your start like?  How long have you been making  jewelry?

I spent hours upon hours watching free tutorials on the internet. That is how I got acquainted with the basics and went head strong to create something new. That was 5 years ago.


3. What did you make first and how did it all change during the years?

 Creating my first pieces of jewelry I felt inner satisfaction that pulled me into further learning and creating and overcoming obstacles that I faced on the way.

I first made necklaces, which I personally love wearing, and little by little I introduced other pieces of jewelry.

 The materials I use have not changed a lot since the start. Of course I've made some additions, but the shape of my jewelry is completely different today than it was before. I tend to continuously change and improve the techniques I use, probably due to my exploring, adventurous and never-resting spirit.

4. What materials you use the most in creating your jewelry and what motifs do you turn to?Inspiration?

 In my work ,I mostly use polymer clay which is the foundation for everything and aside from that I also use epoxy resin.

In my polymer clay work I also use pigment colors, but let's keep that a secret.

 Then there are the finished elements like chains, various trays and settings. I love geometry, so it is a frequent design in my work. Because I love nature, it also influences my work. I love when I manage to gain a rustic effect when I work with earth colors. 


Boho Pendant

 Boho Pendant



5. Who is your jewelry intended for?

My jewelry is intended for women with attitude that love wearing something different, but pieces that are versatile so one can wear them during the day with a casual outfit, but also in the office.

 With this type of jewelry you'll be recognized as a person treasuring  handmade artwork.


Orange Art Earrings


Orange Art Earrings


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