Classy Clay Small Christmas Collection


Gift wrapping Christmas presents is the moment I eagerly look forward to. I always pack gift in traditional Christmas colours - red and green with a sprinkle of gold to add a bit of glamour to it all. And then it occurred to me that I could use those colors for my jewelry. My first makes were the brooches that are now worn on scarves and hats, as well as jackets, sweaters and coats... I put mine on everything...

After that I made some stud earrings for the shop and some to give as gifts to my close friends and family for Christmas. 

As I was left with a heap of materials, I covered a small glass candle holder so now it throws a festive red & green light, prepping us for the holidays!

I am all ready for Christmas! How about you?


Classy Clay Jewelry

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11/20/2017 9:42 PM
Those are really sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing with our link party!