Jade Necklace

The listing is for a jade necklace which is a part of a larger set. a ring and earrings. The last picture shows the set, contact me if you want to buy it whole. The necklace is made with jade gemstones and set into a copper frame.
Shop: Tammy Art
Artist: Tammy Art

This is my original design . I  used jade beads and intricately weaved a copper wire around it to create an atractive bohemian set.

Earrings: 6 cm / 2.4"

Ring size: 16

Pendant: 8 cm / 3.1"

Length of necklace including pendant:44 cm / 17.3"



Gemstone Meaning:

Jade’s history dates back to several thousand years ago when it was used to make tools and weapons because of its strength. The name Jade originates from the Spanish term, “piedra de ijada.” The translation means, “stone for the pain in the side.”


Jade is known to convey affluence and money, captivate affection and helps with self-healing. It also offers security from adversity and calamities.