DIY Boho Bead Earrings



Summer is going to be here in no time, regardless of how stubborn the weather is to change, so let's make some beautiful earrings for the summer!


What you need:

1. Beads in various sizes, shapes and colors

2. Earring hooks, jump rings

3. Eye / head pins



1. Beads several beads onto a pin after deciding on the design and make an eye when finished. Make a couple more, adding a different design to make the earring more appealing.

2. Put all on a jump ring and attach the jump ring to the hook. And there they are in a jiffy!

3. If you want to add more pins to make the earrings, attach each onto a separate jump ring and allof them onto a bigger ring and to the hook.


Happy Beading!



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5/29/2017 9:19 PM
Those look so cute. Love the new blog design too. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandmas House We Go Link Party. Scheduling to Pinterest too.