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Brooches have ages long history. In fact the first ones appeared in the Bronze Age later becoming popular with the Romans, Greek and Celts as ornamented clasps mainly made out of bone or metal, designed to get attached on garments - often to hold them closed.

They came in many varieties and held prominent significance for the identity of the wearer, indicating ethnicity and class. During centuries they came and went out of fashion, but recently they made a magnificent comeback.


via The Glamourai


The myth that brooches are for old ladies has long been broken and abandoned. Brooches aspire to be the ultimate fashion accessory. They are becoming a unique personalization tool - they add originality to clothes and make them stand out.

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They are versatile. You can wear a brooch on almost everything -from a lovely velvet evening dress to a heavy tweed coat. Millennials get inventive with the brooch and wear it on shirts and even place on belts, hats and bags.

Eva Mendes wearing gorgeous Lorraine Schwartz brooches


The materials a brooch can be made of varies to the extremes, so today you can find them made out of diamonds and precious gems as well as paper and wood. What kind would you choose?

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