Mumory - Valorizing Moms' Body Shapes



I came across this fashion label quite unexpectedly and it gripped my attention immediately. It is a newly established fashion label that emerged as a result of a warm, heartfelt need to aid women whose pregnancies have left a visible mark on their bodies. There are currently 3 women inolved in the project: Raffaella - a designer, Giovanna - responsible for the e-commerce and Marika who designs and tailors clothes. More about the project here.



This is their introduction and summary of Mumory:

Mumory is a clothing line born from the experience of being a woman and a mother. Some pregnancies leave a more visible "memory" on a mother's body: diastasic recti or divarication. Mumory was born from the need to give women with a post pregnancy tummy, the opportunity to choose and wear clothes specifically designed to help embrace the new body and feel harmonious without hiding the tummy, but instead valorize the new body shape. A hand made clothing line with sartorial details that will suit many occasions. The design and concept of Mumory's clothes are the missing piece between pret-a-porter clothing lines.

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