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A sky full of stars.

2in1 Brooch or Pendant ! 25mm Inner size, Antique Bronze Brooch/Pendant.

Blue Geared Pendant

A small blue brass medallion measuring 4 cm. The base is navy blue with small gears, covered with a cabochon glass. Hung onto a silk ribbon, 33,5cm long.

Blue Moon Cabochon Pendant

This is a beautiful, eye-catching pendant. The blue cabochon set into a silverized frame and together with the white zircons and the clock parts gives this piece a Victorian flair. The pendant measures 5 x 3,5 cm. The adjustable chain is 45 cm long.


Handmade polymer clay Pendant.

Brass Medallion Necklace

This is a brass medallion that opens up. It is 3.5 cm while inside it measures 2.5cm. The clockwork is adorned with a white zircon and at the sides it is etched with a romantic flower detail. The chain is 42 cm long. This is an eye-catching brass heart pendant measuring 3.5 cm, featuring a clock mechanism with a vibrant red zircon. The chain is 42 cm long.

Brass Old Bicycle Pendant Necklace

An old bicycle pendant necklace. The brass pendant measures 4,6x5cm and it contains a clock mechanism, a gear with spring. Hung onto a black eco leather with an adjustable black chain.

Butterfly Pendant Necklace

A lovely textured butterfly pendant that measures 4cm is hung onto a 46cm long green eco leather. The butterfly is silverized and it is crowned with a epoxy covered gear

Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This steampunk pendant is silverized and features a lovely butterfly in a flowery frame, covered with a cabochon glass. The gear crowning the pendant is 8,5 cm wide. The chain is 37cm long.