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A Bib Necklace and Cuff #2- The Victoriana Collection

Choker Measurements: Fabric part length: 10.1 cm / 4"; width 7.5 cm / 3" Length of ribbon: 48 cm / 18.9" Cuff Measurements: Lengthwise 8 cm / 3.1 " Width (at the widest point) 6 cm / 2.4 " Ribbon length: 23 cm / 9.1" at both sides Length of ribbon:

A Crochet Collar Rose Necklace - The Victoriana Collection

The necklace is crocheted in 100% cotton yarn Length: 23 cm / 9.1" from top down Closes with a glass bead THE LISTING DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BROOCH!

A Silver Crochet Collar Necklace & Brooch - The Victoriana Collection

The necklace and brooch are crocheted in 100% mercerized cotton yarn with silver sheen. Read more in the overview. Length of necklace: 23 cm / 9.1" from top down

Azul Kahlo Necklace

An eye catching necklace inspired by Frida Kahlo an her uniqueness! I made it using different Irish rose patterns and trims layered in such a way to achieve visual appeal and richness of texture an structure. The round center piece is a handmade porcelain pendant cradled in a crochet case. Wooden beads are added for raised effect. It ties with ribbon long enough to allow adjustability of length. Length of necklace: crochet center part 16 cm at the widest point. Length from the trims to the bottom flower as the longest side 24 cm.

Lace Roses Necklace

Delicate lace crocheted necklace, embellished with an array of flowers and roses, decorated with hand sewn beads and pearls to accentuate its beauty. Measures: 39 cm from the center down.

Spring Flower Headband

This headband is the perfect embodiment of spring. Crocheted in warm, pastel colors with lots of flowers and beads will make you feel the spring all over again, every time you put it on. Size of headband: centre part only 9.4” (24 cm) in length and 2.4” (6cm) at the widest point. Length of ties are 15.7” (40 cm) long and 0.8” (2 cm) wide each. Size of big flowers: 2.2” (5.5 cm) Size of small flowers: 0.8”- 1.2” (2-3 cm)