Steampunk by Maja

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My Steampunk Heart Pendant Necklace #2

Heart Pendant Necklace. The pendant is silverized with a 6 cm chain. It is made up of clock parts, a silverized "love" piece and a cute dragonfly. The silver is Tibetan. The adjustable chain is 42cm long.

Navy Blue Pendant with Silverized Butterfly

The navy blue background of this sweet pendant makes the silverized butterfly stand out beautifully over the clock mechanism. The head of the butterfly has a navy zircon. The pendant measures 5 x 3,5cm. The adjustable chain is 48cm long.

Owl Pendant Necklace

A cute owl pendant. Silverized. The pendant measures 2,5 cm. The gear is decorated with a green zircon. The owl is pink and the background is green. It is covered by cabochon glass. The chain is 38,5cm long. It is adjustable and antiallergenic.

Owl Pendant Necklace #2

A cute brass owl placed onto two gears to make this attractive pendant. The pendant measures 4,5 cm. The chain is 47 cm long.

Peach Cabochon Glass Pendant

A soft hue of peach is the background for the clock motif of this adorable silverized pendant with a cabochon glass. The pendant measures 7 cm and it is hung onto an adjustable chain.

Purple Steampunk Medallion

A cute and tiny purple oval medallion which measures 3.5 cm and is hung onto an eco-leather tie. The clockwork mechanism is adorned with a white zircon. The tie is 33 cm long.

Steampunk Cat Pendant

The brass pendant of this necklace has a burgundy background and features a cat in Tibetan silver with clockwork and gears, glazed with epoxy resin. The antiallergenic chain is 42,5cm long. The pendant measures 6 cm.

Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant

A lovely dragonfly brass pendant.Sized 5 x 6cm it features used clock parts and gears. The coloris green-yellowish. The pendant is hung onto a green leather cord, 52,5cm long. It ties around the neck - that is - it does not have a button / clasp.

Steampunk Key Pendant Necklace

The pendant, along with the chain is 9 cm big. It is silverized and bears a clock mechanism. The pendant is hung onto a blue leather cord - 56 cm long. It is tied behind the neck because it does not have a closure button / clasp.

Steampunk Mirror Clockwork

A mirror with its own clockwork is what this pendant is about. The pendant is brass and it shows a clock mechanism and gears. The antiallergenic chain is 41 cm long.

Teal Oval Steampunk Medallion

An interesting teal oval medallion made of brass that measures 3.2 cm and contains a clock mechanism. The chain is 35 cm long.

The Clock Pendant

The clock pendant is silverized. Measures 4.5 cm. It is two sided and has a watch mechanism Hung onto black organza ribbons and waxed black thread.