Summer Fashion Trends: In & Out

According to the leading fashion editors, this summer would bring lots of refreshment on the fashion scene.

IN  and OUT

Khakis vs Skinny Jeans

Wave goodbye to your pair of skinny jeans because they are retiring this summer and khakis and chinos are taking over the fashion scene. Utility dressing is gaining a strong influence and the design of pants tends to be more wider and straighter.



Wrap Dress vs Slip Dress  


The slip dress had a long established rule and reigned for a couple of seasons to be slowly replaced by the wrap dress which is a nice shift towards effortless elegance. And it cannot be more versatile - whether you choose one for casual day at the office, a stroll in the park or as a beach cover-up, you are opting for the most desirable piece this summer.


Gingam Shirts vs Peasant Tops


ingham along with the stripes is the ultimate choice for shirts and it is pushing away peasant tops. I don't believe sworn boho enthusiasts will renounce them easily, but if you are into freshening your looks, gingham is the fabric you need. And it is nor restricted just for shirts.



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6/16/2017 5:58 PM
I must admit I'm so glad skinny jeans are out. I've tried to pull them off, in more ways than one LOL, but they just don't fit.
6/18/2017 4:45 AM
Just when I was getting used to the skinny jeans!  The wider leg is so much more flattering, though, so I'm glad it's back.  Thanks for the pointers!