Handmade cloth doll

Yoka doll could be a lovely gift for someone special . It is made from my original pattern.
Artist: Mommy's Imaginary Friends

Yoka OOAK doll could be a lovely gift for little girl, or for someone special to whom we want to make it clear, that for us is one of a kind. It is made from my original pattern, with lot of love, and attention to detail.
Measures approximately 42 cm (16,5 inch).
Body and clothes are made of textile, a mix of new and recycled fabrics.
It is stuffed with polyester. Her hair is made of yarn, face is embroidered.
All her clothes are removable, therefore the girl can dress the doll by herself or even make new clothes.
Every doll is unique and new challenge for me as a creator.
It's made to be gently played with and loved by children over 3.

Spot clean only.

Delivery time can be up to two weeks, and price may vary depending on the delivery.